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Summer Cat Care

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The last few weeks we have focused our summer series on our canine family members. This week we are going to discuss some tips to keep your feline friends safe this summer. Some people, due to space limitations or personal preference, choose to keep their cat outdoors or even have cats that are both indoor and outdoor. Special considerations need to be discussed in these cats that roam the wild outdoors. It is a good idea to provide a safe and comfortable place for your cat to rest. A small cathouse equipped with easy escape is recommended....

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Do thorough research when deciding where to board pets

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Since it is summer vacation time, I have been addressing summer issues that involve you and your pet. I received many wonderful compliments about last week’s article focusing on things to think about when you are taking your pets with you on vacation. I am extremely pleased that so many of our readers picked up some of the dos and don’ts of traveling with a pet. As much as we all would love to take our pets with us on vacation, in many instances this is not possible. Either the place you are going does not appreciate your pets the way we do,...

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Vacation With Pets: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

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                Summer is in full swing at Ash Veterinary Clinic and Emergency Center.  We receive many calls concerning pets and vacation.  Some owners are concerned about possible risks of taking their pets with them, while others are concerned about leaving their pets at home or in the care of someone else.  So we are going to continue our “Summer Pet Series” discussing the safest and healthiest place for your pets when the family is on vacation.                 The choice to take or leave your pet certainly depends on where you are going...

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Sun Safety

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                Summer is such an exciting and fun season for everyone including our loved furry family members.  It is the time of the year to let loose, run, play, and enjoy the beautiful weather.  A couple weeks ago we discussed safety when swimming and this week we will tackle safety in the sun for everyone.                  The first and most common hazard for our pets is the very thing that makes the summer days exciting.  It is the sun!  The sun can be very dangerous for many reasons.  One of the most common hazards is taking your dog...

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June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat” Month

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  Did you know that because kittens are so very appealing, adult cats have the lowest adoption rate at many shelters? It is a tragedy for the cats, of course, but it is also unfortunate for many people who do not realize that an adult cat may, in many cases, be a better choice than a kitten. You know what you are getting with a grown cat — activity level, sociability and health. Given time in a loving environment, a grown cat forms just as tight of a bond with his new people as any kitten can.  So how do you choose?                ...

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Summer Pet Safety

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Now that summer is coming quickly, we all need to be prepared for summer hazards. Swimming comes naturally to most dogs, but all dogs are not designed to be Olympic champions. For example, bulldogs generally cannot swim without sinking because of their shape, and dogs can never be trusted around a pool safely. For dogs and others with physical limitations, some supervised splashing in a shallow kiddie pool is all that should be allowed. Other dogs are naturals in the water, but even those who love to swim and are good at it can get themselves...

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Easter Pet Hazards

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            Now that spring is here and the weather has finally taken a turn for warmer days, everyone is looking forward to getting out of the house. With colorful decorations for Easter livening up the scenery, spring is a great time to take an inventory of potential pet hazards. Here are a few quick tips from Ash Veterinary Clinic and Emergency Center on what to watch out for this spring.              For some pets, Easter grass is simply irresistible. It moves easily in the breeze, makes interesting sounds and feels good on their gums...

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Bad Breath In Pets, Is There Any Hope?

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When animals come in to Ash Veterinary Clinic and Emergency Center for a dental cleaning, one of the toughest topics to discuss with owners is teeth extractions. Your pet may need a tooth extraction when the tooth is badly decayed, mobile or when there is a serious infection affecting the tooth. Contrary to most owners’ beliefs, pets can function and eat quite well with missing, rotting and painful teeth. Since February is National Pet Dental Month, we want to make every pet owner aware of what a professional teeth cleaning entails and what...

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Winter Pet Paw Care

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Winter boots are essential wear for people to provide traction and protection on snow and ice. Likewise, our pets need special care and attention for their feet during harsh weather too. Those fancy pet booties are not just a fashion statement! They can be very protective if your pet will keep them on, that is. Here at Ash Veterinary Clinic and Emergency Center, we want to discuss with owners how to minimize injury and discomfort for your pets’ paws and be aware of other winter dangers that may be harmful to them.                  If...

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Pets Need Immediate Care When Exposed to Marijuana

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Marijuana, known by many names, needs very little introduction. We all know it is a popular recreational drug smoked by millions of people worldwide. We also know that many states are now legalizing the use of it with a medical marijuana card. Its psychoactive ingredient is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly called THC. Regular marijuana is typically 1-8% THC while hashish, made from the flowering tops of the plant and their resins, can contain up to 10% THC. Other properties of THC give it controversial medicinal properties,...

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