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The importance of proper dental care for pets has received considerable attention in recent years, and for good reason. By the age of four, more than 70% of domestic dogs show signs of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss, bacterial infections and any number of periodontal diseases.

Proper oral hygiene is now recognized as a must for pets and is something your pet must rely on you for. Adequate oral hygiene must start early with regular visits to your veterinarian and must be continued regularly in order to prevent bad breath, tooth loss and gum disease. Furthermore, routine inspections by a qualified veterinarian will help give your pet a healthy and happy lifestyle in later years.

Ash Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer your pet the best dental care possible. Unlike humans, pets cannot have dental work done while awake. During a dental cleaning, your pet will be placed under anesthesia and monitored by a schooled, trained and licensed veterinary technician. Unlike many other local veterinary clinics, we NEVER allow an assistant or receptionist to monitor such a critical aspect of your pet’s care that could mean life or death. No matter where you choose to have your pet put under anesthesia, please inquire about the hospital policy or who is qualified to perform this intricate and serious anesthetic process. We only use the safest types of anesthesia and always perform a basic blood screen to check the pet’s blood chemistries, such as liver and kidney function, and complete blood count, which looks at white blood cells and red blood cells, to make sure it is safe to administer the anesthesia.

While under anesthesia, your pet will receive a dental scaling to remove all tartar from their teeth and a polishing to make them pearly white again. The veterinarian will perform a full dental exam while your pet is asleep to see if there are any teeth that need to be extracted.  Teeth that are rotten and unstable need to be extracted and can save your pet additional pain and further complications down the road. After the dental cleaning, your pet will be sent home on antibiotics, due to the bacteria released while cleaning. If your pet has had extractions, our staff will also send them home with the appropriate pain medication.

Please call the veterinary specialists at Ash Veterinary Clinic with any questions or to schedule an appointment to keep your pet’s kisses fresh.

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