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Medical Services

Medical Services

Our pets rely on us to give them everything they need from unconditional love to premier medical attention by a qualified veterinarian. At Ash Veterinary Clinic, your furry friend will receive the best of the best when it comes to their medical care. Dr. Toinette Strusinski-Broschay offers several specialized services such as orthopedic surgery, laser surgery, ophthalmology, rehabilitation services, oncology and sports therapy that aren’t offered by most other local veterinarians. We want our patients to have access to the absolute best care possible in-house, rather than causing even more stress on your pet by having to take them for long car rides to see a specialist who may be overwhelmed and unable to offer your pet the specialized care they need.

In addition to our specialized services, Ash Veterinary Clinic also provides basic services such as wellness exams, spaying and neutering, dental care, microchip implantation and nutrition and behavioral evaluations. Our warm and welcoming staff maintains the highest standards to keep us at the top of the animal clinic field and our veterinary staff is always willing to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you have regarding the care your pet is receiving. Our state-of-the-art technology and continuing education gives us an advantage over other veterinarians because we can offer our patients the best medical care for a speedy diagnosis and treatment plan for your precious family members.

Other Services

Our staff offers a kind and gentle hand in caring for your sick or injured animal, including hospice care. When your pet is ill, you need an equal mix of compassion and high-quality care. Our desire to guarantee that your pet is getting everything he needs on both an emotional and medical level helps us maintain our reputation as the best veterinary care in the area. Dr. Strusinski-Broschay offers house calls because she knows how important it is for your pet to be able to stay within the comfort of his own home, surrounded by familiar faces. The bonds we form with our patients and owners help us understand their needs.

In addition to hospice care, Ash Veterinary Clinic also offers international travel consultation services. Ash Veterinary Clinic is also proud of our mobile veterinary clinic that helps us provide veterinary care outside of our office to those owners who may find it difficult to bring their pet for an in-office visit. We are dedicated to providing outstanding veterinary medicine in a personable and accommodating manner while also focusing on high-quality standards of animal medicine, diagnostics and kindhearted treatment of all animals.

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